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Post  Address Unknown on Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:11 am

Battle Factory:: NU Brain- Masterdudex5
Battle Castle:: LC Valet- Imanalt
Battle Arcade:: 3vs3 Star- Twilight
Battle Dome:: UU Ace- Gary.Oak
Battle Hall:: Metronome Matron- Umbreon
Battle Pike:: VGC Queen- Shuckieee
Battle Tower:: 2/3 Tycoon- Vileman
Battle Pyramid:: Uber King- Bigelow
Battle Palace:: OU Maven- ??????

    To earn a Frontier Symbol you must beat each Brain best 2/3 times, except for the Battle Tower, and Battle Palace!

    Another way to earn a symbol is to win a category tourney hosted by the respective brain.

    You must obtain all Extra Badges, and all other Frontier Symbols in order to challenge the Battle Palace.

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